Not your cup of tea…

3 min readMar 1, 2020

Before choosing this title, I texted around 13 people, mostly friends and some friends like family and asked if this story title would urge them to read and they said yes.

100% yes it was.

Then another intriguing thought popped up and my following question was if the urge was out of sheer curiosity or the title seemed simply offensive.

Well, I won’t lie only one out of the 13 thought it was offensive, the rest were curious and excited what the story held for them.

Before I begin to tell you, what is not your cup of tea, and it isn’t mine till this day, I’ll like to introduce myself.

Hi beautiful reader!

I'm Sarosh, I call myself skayke, cuz it sounds cool, plus I’m sure all of us always wanted to have a cool name such as that of the animated cartoon character have. Here’s my shot to one after 20 years. But you know what they say, its never too late for anything.

Just like its never too late for you to come across this amazing true story of an old man I met almost two years ago. Since then I've been procrastinating writing about him.

But somehow failed to do it.

I won’t keep you and myself waiting any longer. Take a good look at the picture, that’s Miyaan Nawaab, at that time he was 82 years old, retired from his job at the factory. But to my surprise, he visited the factory every day to catch up with people working there and the owner, over just a cup of tea.

I would’ve never visited this furniture manufacturing factory if I wasn’t an art student and if I hadn’t chosen “Labour” as the highlight of my CAIE portfolio.

Here we go.

It was a sunny day, I got back from college, grabbed my camera and reached the factory. The owner of the factory started introducing everyone who worked there, and through it all, I didn’t miss the opportunity of taking the best shot I could.

During this shoot, I met Miyaan Nawaab, he was standing with a group of men, sipping tea, laughing out loud at every good or bad joke. Simply enjoying life.

I interrupted his fun chai-tea session and asked him to look in the lense. To which he replied, “I won’t come out natural then, the lens life is fake.”

I was stunned.

Rather he asked me to join the team, sit and sip chai-tea. We had a small talk and he started telling me about his life. In that particular moment, it felt like life stopped.

Miyaan Nawaab had lived a tough life, but when he said, “I knew it was all temporary, so I never took it too seriously, instead, I laughed it off. The trick is to believe that time heals everything and everyone. So you wait and watch. Plus, kid what is the rush about? Stop, look, observe, feel, and take it easy.”

Miyaan Nawaab, you were right about it all.

Today, we’re all running a race that would eventually lead us all to one finished line. Death.

I’m not saying, you don’t worry about anything. But what he meant, and what I understand now is you worry about things that will stay with you for more than 5 years. Or you worry about things that are in your control. You ask yourself three questions.

First, is this worth it?

Second, if I don’t treat this problem, how will this affect me?

Third, what is the worst thing that can happen, if I don’t act upon this?

Miyaan Nawaab, you’ll forever remain an inspiration for me. Dealing with life the way you did can and will never be my cup of tea. But I’ll always try to make it better and take things lightly. After all, time heals everything and everyone.

Here’s my simple life motto,“ Good things take time.”

If you’ve made it this far, I would want you to know, that there is nothing that you can’t do. The power relies in your mind. Take good hold of it, remind it often that everything’s going to get in place. But when its the right time. Till then as Miyaan Nawaab said, “ You stop, look, observe, feel, and take it easy.”




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