Nirvana Bliss..

3 min readMay 14, 2020


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The possible strength through personal fantasies!

Keeping oneself on the navigational track, protecting from running aground is definitely no mean task.

A very common word, more of a cliche — “Depression” is a buzz word these days. People seem to nurture their depression syndromes…It is in fact a complex subject. It is more of a subjective thing with so many variables, each having it’s own uniqueness.

Hence, personally speaking it cannot have common solutions. A number of guides in the history have come to show and suggest the suggestive right path…but the problem and question somehow seems to loom over!

Why so much of sufferings, pain, dejection, unfulfilled wants, despite having all the necessary physical,psychological means. For further comfort and healing, we have religious scriptures, medications and meditations.

Why aren’t we fully satisfied with umpteen lectures of all those motivational speakers?

AND..why do we constantly want all the guidance, lectures to pacify “ that” dissatisfaction within us ? Are all those…really..happy..whom have left all the worldly goods to lead a , so called, simple life, devoid of any luxurious necessities.

I mean, why can’t we lead a peaceful “within” life alongside enjoying the bounties of life. Do we really need to shed the luxuries to achieve that “Nirvana Bliss”

Today, we all are like — seen it all, done it all and how can we forget, “been there, done that!

We all are seeking “ THAT” novel thing, because everything seems so monotonous, fake and spirit less.

To be honest, in this age of so called, info-tech and idiotic platforms of social media, every individual has exposed there inner thoughts and sacred fantasies to everyone, even to those who are not directly linked to us.

These very thoughts, delicacies, feelings and FANTASIES..which are supposed to be something profoundly personal, special, with a touch of exclusivity has now become for all to see it.

This exposing has done real harm.

These fantasies are meant to take us away from the harsh realities — an ugly thing — This fantasy chip is a blessing from our creator …we seem to losing it.

Whenever we are down, which we often are, for so many reasons,this fantasy chip, becomes a motivator within us..It says..what we want to hear to lift our spirits. In a way, it shows us, that, Aristotle’s, “Golden Mean”…which we desperately need.

Why do we need to expose it to others when its highly personal?

Buddha had taught centuries ago the spiritual strength within can do wonders.

Our fantasies can infact become our strength. Some might argue that it makes one weak ,shying away from reality. However with good practice, one can gain the inner strength. Next time, if you feel depressed, don’t depend on others.

Buddha had taught centuries ago the spiritual strength within can do wonders. Feel that inner strength, fantasize about the brightness for yourself, dissect the issue at hand and I assure you that your fantasy chip would give you a good way out.




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