Marketing Tips: How To Use Instagram For Marketing Your Business?

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3 min readOct 2, 2020
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It was a dark night of 6th October 2010. The streets of San Francisco were silent. The winds were roaring, the dogs were howling and then came the infant into the world, named Instagram.

Today, this decade-old app has caused a whirlwind by its powers and taken the world by storm. More than 1B users are monthly active on Instagram, currently.

Seems like everyone; dogs, cats, birds -oh and humans too- are on this platform. With this much of popularity and admiration, do you think Instagram is worth using for the marketing of your business?

The answer is, HELL YEAH!

There are about 25 million business profiles on Instagram and 99% of Instagram’s users follow at least one of them. It's quite obvious that Instagram is no longer just for private use, be it for you or your dog.

It has become a global forum that makes it possible for businesses to personify their content, find fresh talent, advertise brands, and influence their audiences.

Not everybody can afford billboards and promotions etc. But Instagram has made business marketing 10 times easier. Here are some effective marketing tactics for your business through Instagram.

1) Catchy Profile

The first thing the viewer sees is your profile picture and the bio. Hence, your
the foremost step should be optimizing your profile with a memorable and catchy profile picture and a witty and compelling bio introducing your business.

That will make the viewer decide whether to follow you or not. Using popular hashtags and cool emojis would help too.

2) Regular Posting

A perfect way to push the virality of your profile is to create pictures or videos that encourage viewers to tag their mates and to post them often enough that your brand stays relevant but not too frequently that it overwhelms the followers and make them unfollow your account.

Fun regular Instagram stories help too. The post effectively begins to spread like wildfire and becomes a hit, as friends tag other friends. Hence, BE ACTIVE!

3) Good Relations With Your Followers/Audience

No one likes a rude grumpy host at the party. You need to be warm and welcoming for your Instagram’s guests.

Build friendly relations with the audience, run an interesting Instagram contest and fun games, do giveaways to attract people, collaborate and get shout-outs from bigger accounts, comment on posts from other accounts and post “double tap if you agree” pictures.

“Social media is about people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide you.” — Matt Goulart

Build quality relations with other influential accounts too and leave a like or comment on their latest post because they might follow you back and help you gain your initial audience.

These are the major marketing tips you need to adopt in order to gain your first 1000 followers on Instagram.

Let’s get started already!




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