Disconnect Yourself From The Present Moment Of Crisis

2 min readMay 16, 2020
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Often when we are stuck into any problem, we tend to find ourselves fully immersed in it. The mind then stops working and the more we move in desperation to get out of it…albeit clueless…the more we go into that quick sand. We only go down with our violent moves and the problem only compounds.

So, how do we tackle it?

All the suggestive lectures, motivations by our peers, family doesn’t seem to work. We cannot keep our cool or stay calm and besides…frankly speaking,it’s easier said than done!

Lately, I tried a technique, wherein, on encountering any issue at hand, I imagined that me, the person who is facing the problem is someone else and myself, the actual one …moves out of the person facing the issue and stands out at a distance and starts observing him. I then critically analyse the situation in its entirety and calmly start thinking of the possible solutions.

You see, no matter, with how many persons you share, divulge your problem and ask for a solution, at the end of the day, it’s you, yourself who has to face the music and get out of it. Therefore you might well seek the solution too….but with a sound technique.

Now, how to critically analyse the issue? This means, to search for “ THE” possible core reason out of that heap of assumed problems .

Normally there is one main irritant which as a whole clutters your mind. By carefully sifting through the heap, the core issue would definitely be identified after striking out the irrelevant ones.

Once it is identified, an IMMEDIATE , followed by a PERMANENT solution can be found.

Please remember that there would be no perfect solution or decision which you would take.

Every solution/decision is correct in that and for that particular moment of problem we are facing. Its always in the hindsight that its fully known to be correct or otherwise. But, then, the solution of the problem immediately has to be found to get that peace of mind.

During the entire process, just keep yourself away from the…. actual yourself and I assure you that you would definitely find a way out.

“Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.” — Jim Rohn

Remember, you are your best friend and motivation. Problems in life come and go…It’s how you handle them makes your personality to a finesse.




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